Halloween Cross Stitch with Beads

Halloween 2014 season may be over, yet some of us look forward to the holiday season. I started cross stitching less than a year ago because it’s a dying trend, and I really wanted to learn how to do it. My mom used to cross stitch and many of her kits are hanging in my parents’ house, and I was a bit jealous. “I want to do that!” So, being the hard-headed female scientist, I took up the hobby.

This will be a short post, but I just want to touch on the fact that doing an activity like this allows for one to do other things (aka multi-task) For example, I can listen to audio short stories or podcasts while sewing. Being able to understand what the reader is saying all the while keeping my hands busy doesn’t seem like such a waste of time. And I’m learning something, right?! Moreover, Netflix has started adding more and more documentaries, so I can watch something educational and sew. That’s a bit more challenging, but works all the same.

Something different for this piece of art is the incorporation of beads into the sewing. There were eight different colored beads, and clearly they were tiny! Four were large and the other four were half the size. They were difficult to manage at first, mainly because I wasn’t used to them, yet I quickly learned how to pick them up. I used GLAD little salad dressing plastic containers to separate the beads and that seemed to work for me. I think if they weren’t separated it would be really hard to differentiate between some of the colors, and picking the beads up would be nearly impossible.

Anyway, this was successful in my humble opinion and now I just need to find a frame for it. I bought once for winter and Christmas time, so I clearly enjoyed doing it! Mill Hill is the company that makes these kits, and they have an entire Halloween village set and a rather expansive Christmas village set.



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