Pulitzer 2015

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kolbert’s Pulitzer for The Sixth Extinction! Awesome non-fiction work. Please read my blog for a review of the work:  https://quizzicalchemist.com/2015/01/19/the-sixth-exti…zabeth-kolbert/



Roasted Zesty Cauliflower and Broccoli

I was aiming for an interesting and eclectic Easter meal this year. As I looked up side dishes to make, many people suggested Cauliflower and Broccoli as a good option, so I thought: why not?? Many people make a cheesy, ooey gooey, and fat laden. I cannot eat that at all. So decided to make a roasted version. This one had roasted vegetables, crunchy bread crumbs, and a little bit of cheese mixed with lemon juice. It sounds a bit odd, but I really enjoyed this!

Ingredients: broccoli bushel, cauliflower head, 1/2 cup bread crumbs, 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, juice of a lemon, olive oil


1. Mix 1 tbsp of olive oil on veggies and place on a pan and roast for 25 min.

2. In a small bowl add bread crumbs, cheese, lemon, and 1 tsp of olive oil together.

3. Take the veggies out when they are still crunchy and place in a bowl. Put bread crumbs all over the veggies and mix.

4. Roast more for an additional 15 minutes.


And enjoy!

Orzo Pasta Salad

Whats’s Spring without a lovely cold orzo pasta salad. It pairs so well with yummy good like ham (perfect for an Easter dinner). I usually only eat cold pasta salads in spring and summer, definitely not winter. This was a lovely salad for it used fresh spinach and Parmesan cheese, mixing it from the usual feta and orzo. Hope you like it!

Ingredients: 1/2 pound orzo, 1 cup cherry tomatoes, 2 cups spinach (fresh), 1/3 cup red onion chopped, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, honey, and lemon juice


1. Cook the orzo and rinse some cool water over it while you make the other ingredients.


2. Cut tomatoes and spinach into pieces. Chop onions into fine bits.

DSCN2789 DSCN2790 DSCN2792

3. Incorporate all of the ingredients. Add Parmesan cheese to the mix and mix thoroughly.

DSCN2794 DSCN2795

4. In a small bowl, mix 2 tbsps of olive oil, juice of a whole lemon, some honey and red wine vinegar together. Add salt and pepper until the ingredients taste like what you want!


5. Mix the dressing with the other ingredients and chill.

Hope you enjoy this cold pasta salad.

Cold Bunny Pasta with Feta

Easter came and went and even afterward I am still in love with bunny pasta! Yummy! So instead of using bunny pasta for a traditional pasta with tomato sauce, why not make a yummy spring pasta? That’s exactly what I did! I hope you enjoy.

Ingredients: 1 cup of bunny pasta, 1 cup of cut in half cherry tomatoes, can of corn, 1/3 cup of feta cheese, a whole cucumber chopped, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, and honey


1. Cook pasta until all done. Rinse with cool water and set aside.

2. While pasta is cooking, chop cucumbers and tomatoes.


3. Mix pasta, cucumbers and tomatoes all together.

DSCN2806 DSCN2805

4. Mix 2 tbsp olive oil, half of a lemon, and some honey with salt and pepper. Mix together and taste repeatedly until you get the taste you desire.

5. Add the feta cheese. Mix the dressing over the pasta. Chill in fridge for a few hours and then eat.


Perfect recipe for a lovely spring day!