Pink Gradient Nail Design with Glitter

I haven’t done a nail design post in a long long while. And I think I chose the best one to wait to write about!

This one is simple, but takes some time for you need to wait for the polish to dry to proceed to the next step. Also, it looks awesome from far away because of the gradient finish, as well as glitter effect.

The best thing about this design is it is applicable to any color scheme and fading of nails: green, blue, purple, even a cool white to gray to black would work. Moreover, the glitter application is simple, but you have to be careful in case you glob it on (and glitter takes a while to dry FYI).

I started with a light baby pink as my base color. Two coats of this painted the entire nail. Then I let this dry. Then I took a darker color pink and got as much of the polish off of the brush. I then carefully painted 1/3 up from the nail bed with a darker pink successively getting darker going to my nail tip.

I then did the same thing with a hot pink color. This was a bit more difficult because dark colors are harder to fade since they have more pigment. But, I think it worked!

For the glitter, I brushed very little glitter over the medium pink and painted more and more toward the tip. Then I took, as if I was doing a french manicure a thick coat of glitter on the tip of the nail.

20141125_075312 20141125_075237

I hope you enjoy and let me know your comments!


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