Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Kennedy Center

About once every other month, I try to go see a show at the Kennedy Center for it’s right across the river from my apartment. It is such a lovely experience, just to sit back and watch a show whether it be ballet, opera, or whatever in that epic and notable venue.

A special program that they have for individuals under 30 years old is called “My Tix,” which one can sign up for with an account. The My Tix accounts allows one to purchase seats of a variety of shows at ultra fair prices, allowing for young individuals to have access to the arts. The Center used to have raffles to shows, and I actually won twice. One of the shows was Bobby McFerrin and I got free Orchestra-level seats to see him perform live. He was amazing! Afterward I went to purchase his album, and it was worse than him in person. Anyway, it’s definitely an opportunity to look into if you are of the age and in the city, especially if you enjoy shows like these.

Seeing that I had some time this past weekend, I bought two tickets from My Tix for the Suzanne Farrell Ballet. She was a famous ballerina a few decades ago and recently started her own company. My Mom freaked when I told her I bought tickets to see her company, and I knew I was in for a treat. The show was not a specific ballet, but had three acts with four varying shows. The first was a piece from Swan Lake. The second was a compilation of two short eight minute pieces danced to Stravinsky. The third was a Tchaikovsky entitled “Allegro Brillante.” The fourth was entitled “The Concert,” a piece accompanied to Chopin.

The Swan Lake piece was mediocre. I have never seen Swan Lake in its entirety, but I have seen the film Black Swan. I know, I shouldn’t draw similarities, but it’s about the same ballet, right? Anyway, the best part of the ballet was the costumes. I always taking my ballet binoculars (yes, I own a pair) and looking at the ballerinas make-up and costumes. So elegant! In general, I thought the dance was mediocre. The lead dancers (both male and female) were not always on time with each other, which was a bit distracting. Yet, the accompanying dancers were amazing. All en pointe (pun not intended) and just excellent.

The second compilation was just terrible. The choreography did not match the music, and the dancers were not in sync with the music at all. Overall, the piece had dancers in leotards and nothing else. Very contemporary, so I knew from the costumes that the piece would be as well. But, ugh. I couldn’t wait for the piece to be over. It was a total of 16 minutes which felt substantially longer than the 40 minute Swan Lake piece.

The third piece was just so amazing! The male dancers in particular were so awesome, for they were talented, vivacious, and in sync with each other. The females were in sync to the same extent, but not to the same degree as the males in this piece. All of the costumes were pastel colors and were exquisite. They flowed in all of the right ways when the ballerinas moved, and were just utter perfection.

I will have to say that my friend and I were exhausted after a Black Friday of shopping so we did not stay for the third piece, unfortunately. But, overall the show was worth the price that I paid for the seats, and if I spent as much as people actually did for orchestra-level or box seats, I probably would have sent angry emails to the Kennedy Center. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with cheap, top-tier seats for you never know if the show will be great or not.


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