Turkey Veggie Patties

I really enjoy making some new recipes with meat in them. I feel as though it’s a challenge for me if I can make something delicious that’s made of meat. Usually I dislike these recipes a lot! These were so yummy! I would though try to chop all of the veggies up in a mixer if I had one. Regardless, even with a bit of larger pieces, I still really enjoyed it.

Ingredients: salt, pepper, 1.5 pounds turkey, box of mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped orange bell pepper, dried parsley, oregano, soy sauce, (worcestshire sauce), chopped onions. orange 1/3 bell pepper, 1/2 onion, mushrooms, chopped sun dried tomatoes


1. Chop onions, mushrooms, and orange bell pepper. Mix in big bowl.

DSCN2971 DSCN2972

2. Season with salt, oregano, parsley, and pepper.


3. Mix in ground turkey in sections. Incorporating well.


4. Make 2 inch patties and place on baking sheet.


5. Cook at 350 for 30 minutes.


Enjoy the patty on a sandwich with lettuce and tomato or served by itself with some side dishes. I paired this dish with corn, zuchinie and grape tomatoes sauteed in skillet. So good!


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