How to Get Away with Murder: Season 2 on Netflix

When I started the second season of How to Get Away with Murder I thought to myself: “Ok, how are the writers going to make season two even close to as suspenseful as season one?” Season one had a personal feel to it for Annalise’s husband, Sam, was the one who died by her law students. Surprisingly, the writers did meet my expectations on keeping the show fast-paced, viewers on their toes, and the risque-nature of the show.

The first episode of the second season begins with the murder of two parents of an adopted son and daughter, both of which were on trial for the murder of their parents. Annalise becomes their defending attorney, along with her team, to represent the two children (they aren’t children, actually fully-functioning adults). Similar to the first season, the second season starts in an anti-chronological order, in which Annalise is shot. Throughout the season the viewer is introduced to the plot sequence that caused Annalise to be shot in a backwards manner. It’s a very interesting way of telling a story. I wasn’t a huge fan of the method the first season, but it went really well for telling the second season’s story.

Characters from the first season were also present in the second for the seasons occurred exactly back to back so all people kept their role. The students: Wes, Laurel, Michaela, Asher, and Connor were all wonderful in this season. I’m really happy that the producers brought Connor’s boyfriend, Oliver, into more shows, because he is very talented and a shining light in the show. As always, Annalise’s confidants, Frank and Bonnie, were a huge part of the season and we got to find out more about their pas; how they operate as a unit, and how they always have Annalise’s back is fully discussed.

The one plot line that really was very enticing during the new season was discussing Wes’ past and how his mother committed suicide. All we knew in season one was that Wes’ mother did commit suicide. The second season discussed that Annalise played an integral part in her suicide and Wes’ progress into law school. The whole storyline was very interesting and was left at a huge cliffhanger. YAY!

All in all, this show is a masterpiece and incredibly unique. However, I think the only way to watch it is to stream it so you catch multiple shows at once. The show leaves you at the edge of your seat, it’s really hard to stop watching it!!


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