Mystic Seaport, CT

In my travels returning from Salem, MA to CT I thought I would stop by the little town of Mystic, CT. It’s right over the border from RI (again, coming back from MA) so it was a rather quick drive (about 1hr from New Haven, CT).

Mystic, CT, is known for its Aquarium, its seaport, and the film “Mystic Pizza,” you know, the one that made Julia Roberts a star. Anyway, returning to the city: it’s off the beaten path. You exit I-95 into a forest, drive past a gas station, a little more forest, then the coastline. About 5 minutes away is the Mystic Seaport which is one of the main selling points for the city.

Mystic Seaport is compared to Sturbridge Village and Colonial Williamsburg. There’s a rather large charge to gain access to the facility ($26), but it is rather large with a lot of property and places to visit. I think the neatest aspect of the seaport in comparison to the other two sites almost everyone compares it to, is that it IS right on the coast so you can have access to ships. Ships such as this one:


Fortunately, I went on a beautiful clear day (as you can see in the photo). I can’t imagine this place in the cold, or even worse, in the blistering heat. There’s not very many places to sit and shading to enjoy outside without scalding. Another downside, is that in the comparison to Williamsburg and Sturbridge, the seaport doesn’t have as many activities for families and things to see as the other places. I went to the Drugstore and spoke to the representative there, and that was really enjoyable and she was quite knowledgeable on the material, however, that’s the only thing I was interested in. There’s also only three places to eat, one for “quick food” and that didn’t have the best selection. I DID eat BOMB New Enlgand Clam Chowder here that was made in house and it was amazing! The other two places were sit-down, which for a family or a single person is not optimal.


If you are taking the I-95 from NYC to Boston (even though I would partly not recommend this route for that trip), I think mystic is a quaint place to stop. I want to go back and enjoy the Mystic Village for its shopping is supposed to be eclectic. Also the Mystic Aquarium is supposed to be very cool (even though I’m not a huge fan of aquariums). Anyway, if you are in the neighborhood, stop on by!


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