Painted Haunted House

Finding things to do that are relaxing and take your mind off of the realities of life should be top priority for all. One of my relaxing things to do is paint pottery and ceramic. Either going to a pottery place and selecting a piece, painting it, then getting it glazed or buy a piece at a Michaels and painting at home are some of my most favorite things to do in the world.

Now, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I enjoy decorating, all of the characters and haunted houses. Oh my goodness, haunted houses are great! So, when I rented a car a few weeks ago I took it to Michaels and bought a ceramic mini haunted house that lights up. The best part of painting something from a blank canvas is you can choose your colors and the color palette you want.

The suggested colors for the house had a lot of blacks and browns, and while that is truly a haunted house, I wanted to do something not so realistic but fun. So I threw the rainbow at it. Kind of literally for this house has lime green, red, yellow, gray, and of course, my favorite, purple. It turned out pretty good (and if you disagree with that decision, keep it to yourself).

DSCN2680 DSCN2679

I currently have it on my end table. It came with a tea light electronic candle and is just so cute at night all lit up! I would highly reccommend painting one!



One thought on “Painted Haunted House

  1. Awesome amaziiing spooooky type vibe… Artistically brilliant:) loove the color combo & details & accents… Especially the flying ghosts!!

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