Rabbit Gluten Free Muffin Mix with Raisins

This blog is devoted to made from scratch recipes that do not come from a box. Even though at times I use frozen veggies, I try to use fresh items to cook my main meals. In saying that, I do have a sweet tooth and one of my favorite things to cook are pastries. Oh muffins, scones, cookies, cakes, oh my!!

Another fun fact is that I am obsessed with rabbits. I own shirts and necklaces of rabbits, have two pet buns, and occupy a lot of my time oogling over cute bunny pics on facebook. Yep, one of those. Now, my family knows this and so a while ago my aunt sent me this recipe mix. You can tell by the packaging it would be a hit.


Anyway, I finally got the chance to make the muffins and I put raisins in the mix to cook. They are gluten free, which worried me and was part of why I didn’t cook them ASAP, and cooked really oddly. They didn’t brown like traditional muffins, yet were clearly cooked all the way through.


If you ever stumble across this brand, try it out! The muffins were moist, they would otherwise be a bit land if only muffins, but the raisins added a whole different dimension.



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