Fading Flower Nails

These are some of my favorite nail designs to do. Not only are they fairly simple, they wow people in two seconds. “Woah, did you do that?” Yes, yes I did.

flower fade nails2

I don’t often break out the brush set for nail designs. It’s a bit of a pain for the nail polish dries quickly so you have to keep the brush clean constantly. But, for this design I used a fairly rigid brush, about 1/3″ long with a flat edge. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it, but may do a post about all of my brushes and how to use them soon. So look out for that!

I just painted a magenta-pink background, with two coats and let it dry fully.

Then, I chose a lighter pink from the background color, and a dark purple (almost black). I made two drops of each polish on my palette and dipped one half of the brush in one color and the other half in the other color. Be sure to wipe clear strokes on a piece of paper to thoroughly mix the colors. Then re-dip the brush in the two colors.

The hardest part of this design is to keep the shape of the flowers the same and to always remember that you need to keep the shading in the right order. Dark color going out! With one stroke, start at the nail edge and fan out into a point. Do the mirror image of this on the opposite side and you have a petal! My strokes were fairly large so I could do only 3 petals, but I think that’s good enough.

I also added little petals in between the major petals and looking back, this was a waste. I should have done green color to look like leaves, but oh well. Next time!

flower fade nails1


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