If I met a historic person…

If you were able to meet a historic person, who would you meet? Have you ever contemplated this question before? Who would you meet? What would you ask them about their life? Or better yet, would you give them an insight into what is happening nowadays and ask their opinion? Beyond this, would you rather just have a conversation with them? When I was contemplating the initial question, I thought first on what I wanted to achieve with speaking to them. Some historical figures I would rather seek their insight into current struggles. Others, I would just plainly ask them something to the extent of a certain action in history and why they made the decision they did.

As a preface to continuing this piece I didn’t just choose one person. How could I when there are so many to choose from? I instead split this prompt into two sections. Hopefully the themes will come clearly through.

One group of individuals I would love to meet are the leading ladies throughout history. I have fervently believed for a very, very long time that without an exceptionally strong woman who stands behind her husband, history would not result in the manner it has. Now, what do I mean by “leading ladies”? Some that quickly come to mind: Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I, Empress Alexandra, Queen Josephine, and Catherine the Great. These are all women who lived in drastically different times, lived in different countries, and gained varying life experiences. If given the chance, I would just ask these ladies what wisdom they could impart to a young woman such as myself. What did the learn? What would they have done differently in their lives? These are just questions that are very basic, but seeing how different lives all of these ladies have lived, it would be a great opportunity to get their wisdom.

Another group of women I would love to learn from: the wives of Henry VIII. Two were killed by Henry, two died while he reigned, and two who survived his reign. What was it like to live in a country with such turmoil? What was it like to fall in love with a terrifying leader and be his queen only to perish under the same man? These are so fascinating of women; all vary in their personalities, why they loved Henry, and the lives they lived. These women shaped English history. One provided one of the strongest ruling women in human history. For these reasons, it would be an honor to sit with these women and just have a basic conversation with them and see what their perspectives were/are.

The last group of individuals I would love to meet in history are the American Founding Fathers: Ben Franklin, James Madison, George Washington, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and many others. The most pertinent questions I would ask them is given the state of technological advances that the United States has seen since their deaths, what would their interpretation be of the Constitution and the questions that have arisen with over time. Such things as gun rights, gay rights, abortion, naturalization requirement of the President, and health care coverage are all questions I would love to get their insight in. They are the writers of the Constitution so I find it only fitting to see what their interpretations are.

Well, I wonder if many of you agree with me. Perhaps you don’t, perhaps you do. Maybe you even think of better questions than I did. I hope this is a fitting post for the last one of 2014. I also hope you enjoy and take this and think upon what historical figure(s) you’d like to see and ask their opinions.


One thought on “If I met a historic person…

  1. What an intriguing idea! It would be quite fascinating to get the gist about what they think of the different times…& what they think of how they were portrayed and carried on. Is what we do today what they had in mind? And what they might think ought to be next?

    Thanks for starting this posting site and providing awesome posts and topics! ! Looking forward to many more!

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