Food Blogs and Update

I haven’t posted a blog about food in a long, long while. A few reasons include: over vacation I cooked things, but never took photos of any of the food (including three various cookies I made) and I made some dishes that really sucked!

One dish in particular was a 15 bean soup I was making this past weekend. I bought a bag of 15 beans and according to the directions soaked them in water overnight (12 hours, actually). I then proceeded to cook them in a slow cooker with chicken stock, tomatoes, and tomato sauce. I kid you not, after 12 hours of cooking (8 of which on high) the beans were still crunchy. It was 11pm by this time, so I turned my slow cooker off, but left the pot in the cooker until the next morning. By 5am the next morning, the soup was lukewarm and some of the beans were crunchy while others were the required softness.

Now, I don’t do crunchy beans. I also despise the idea of a soup that cooks for 17 hours. Chicken cooks in 5 hours or less on high. So if chicken cooks in that time, there is no reason beans should take 3 times that!

I hope to make something great this upcoming long weekend. I will have the time and drive to try something good. Maybe a curry dish, those usually turn out rather well for me. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Hope 2015 is off to a great start for everyone! I’m reading, crafting, and watching films at a great rate this year. It will be a year of change and all for the better, I hope!


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