The Interview; the film

Thank you Netflix for not taking the North Korean government seriously and allowing “The Interview” to streaming! I will have to say, it made my Saturday afternoon a truly enjoyable one of relaxing and laughing. The film is about a producer, Seth Rogen, and a news “star” Dave Skylark, James Franco. Kim Jong Un is a huge fan of Skylark and he invites him to North Korea to give him an hour interview.

This film was the exact lighthearted film that allowed me to laugh for its entirety. The jokes are hilarious, they cuss a ton, the plot was just perfect. I mean, lets get real, it was directed by Rogen so it’s not a Scorsese, but it’s still a funny piece of cinema. I’m glad I didn’t pay money to go see it (a subscription fee to Netflix was just enough) and viewing it in my home was even better.

An exceptional shout out to the man who played Kim John Un is definitely necessary: Randall Park. He is great! He plays his character to utter perfection. Moreover, he doesn’t play the North Korean leader as an idiot as I thought from all of the media hype, but of a true human being. The scenes in which he and Franco mess around on the basketball court, to the babes in the bar, to singing Katy Perry were all so funny! Park and Franco seemed to have such a great time messing around.

I really have no major complaints about the film. If you have low expectations, they will supersede them. If you have potty humor, it will be a great watch. I honestly enjoyed it greatly and would reccommend it to any one. It didn’t paint America in the wrong way or North Korea in such a negative way as the North Koreans said it did. Just a great comedy to watch that was truly original.


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