Modern Cross Stitching: Part I

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted things to this blog, yet I have been keeping busy! Work is crazy, but so are the projects I have been working on. As you well know I am a self-taught (with some help from my mommy) cross stitcher. I thoroughly enjoy the form of art because you can listen to a podcast while doing the activity or watch a film/TV show.

I have completed and bought a few cross stitching kits which include: a needle, all of the pre-sorted thread, cloth, and sometimes beading. But what I have really gotten interested in is designing my own charts, especially choosing my own color pallets for the designs. Specifically, I’ve wanted to take cross-stitching to a modern level incorporating characters form popular culture.

So far I have designed and completed two pop culture sets: Power Rangers and Scooby Doo. I’m really proud of these two sets of characters because using what thread colors I had was able to choose colors highly representative of the characters. I thoroughly loved doing these two sets and am investigating what other things to do. Additionally, I’m looking into games like Tetris, puzzles, and other geometric shapes. Stay tuned for other pieces of work!

DSCN2760 DSCN2759


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