Lindau, Germany

A few of my posts have mentioned my travels to Germany, but I haven’t mentioned where in Germany I went. Lindau is a small island in the south west of Germany on Lake Constance (Bodensee in German). It borders Switzerland, Austria, and (obviously) is in German territory. The island is about 1.5 in cross section so you can walk the entire length of the island in 20 minutes. There are two bridges onto the island: train and car. Obviously, because it is on a lake, you can access it via ship.

The buildings on Lindau are cute and colorful. The streets are all cobblestone (very little of the island is paved, even the cars drive on cobblestone). It was first described to me as the Myrtle Beach of Germany where many Germans go to vacation. I can totally see this for there’s lots of shopping and daily activities for families. There are sections of the lake in which you can go swimming (I did not) and many of the locals did. Moreover, sailing is huge there for the Bodensee is a huge expansive lake with lots of space for sailing and stuff. The locals on the island were fairly nice. Many were classic curt Germans, but if you were looking and it seemed like you were shopping they were pretty nice. I mastered the look of fear in my eyes when they spoke to me in German and I had no idea what they were saying. Many spoke English or at least enough English to communicate necessities.

The town center of Lindau

Shopping district of Lindau. The bottom is a jewelry shop.


Outlooking onto the Bodensee towards the Swiss Alps from Lighthouse on Lindau.

I enjoyed lots of food on the island too! Because it’s so close to Italy, not only is there a lot of Italian shops with Italian brands, there’s also a ton of pizza shops. I ate at this one place twice, actually, and the pizzas were thin crusted and so delish. Now that I think back on it, I ate a calzone my last night in Lindau and OMG so good! I also had some traditional German food. My first meal on the island at a small German restaurant was Schnitzel, not fried. The chicken piece was topped with chopped bell peppers marinated in paprika and chili spices. It was served with french fries, which was a little weird but whatever. The other dish that I enjoyed was a veal piece covered in a horseradish cream sauce and served with delicious boiled baby potatoes. Many of the days, food was provided at the conference venue so we did not have to go hunt a restaurant down on the island. The caterers offered a meat dish (beef stroganoff, chicken legs, etc.) and a vegetarian dish (gnocchi, vegetable strudel, etc.). I was pretty impressed with the array of vegetarian dishes and their tastiness. Not often do you get great vegetarian dishes served.


Veal in horseradish sauce and golden potatoes.

yummy dessert

Three flavored ice cream.

My last full day on Lindau was spent on a boat traveling to a neighboring Island Mainau. Even though it was 95 degrees out and disgustingly hot, the island was so beautiful. I really enjoyed all of the gardens and flowers that were in full bloom. The island is owned by Count Bernadotte, the conference organizer. The entrance fee to come to Mainau island is the main financial backing provided to the conference I attended. Now, his humble palace has its own church that has beautiful granite everywhere and has 360 degree views of the surrounding Bodensee. Just magnificance. I wouldn’t mind living there!


Mainau Gardens


Count Bernadotte’s palace.


Count Bernadotte’s gardens.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time on Lindau. The wine was great and cheap, the city was clean and lovely, and the people were pleasant. I’m not sure I would go back, perhaps if I was in the area, but there are so many other great little towns like Lindau in the world, I want to explore them first. I definitely recommend visiting. The city is pricey, again its a vacation destination, but still there aren’t many places like it!


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