Witches of East End, Lifetime

Two years ago I started watching the show “Witches of East End” and I at first thought it was a bit corny, but it grew on me with time. The Beauchamps are the main characters: Joanna (Julia Ormond), Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum),  Ingrid (Rachel Boston), and Wendy (Madchen Amick). Joanna and Wendy are sisters and Joanna is the mother of Freya and Ingrid. All four women are witches in a town called East End and that’s where the story begins.

The first season was very simple in that it explored the every day lives of the Beauchamps and the hunt for who was trying to kill them. The four Beauchamps were cursed centuries ago in which Wendy was cursed to be reborn countless times, Freya and Ingrid die at the age of 30, and are reborn by Joanna (Joanna having to see them die each time). Freya was stuck in a love triangle the first season between two brothers: Dash and Killian. Freya was engaged to Dash, the handsome doctor, and Killian was a troublemaker.

The second season was much darker and not as soap opera-y in that it had some real plot development. The Beauchamps were cursed by their grandfather/father, the king, and he along with their brother Frederic, came to East End to wreak havoc. I enjoyed the second season much more than the first, but each had its pros and cons.

Witches was based on the novel by the same name, and while I have read the novel I think it would be pretty good. Overall the plots were well-developed, yet some of them were pretty sappy. Also, because it was a Lifetime produced show there were quite a few racy scenes. At face value this makes sense, but sometimes were pretty unnecessary. Additionally, it took the show’s writers to develop the script so that the characters were speaking like real intelligent people and not “choppy.”

Unfortunately, the series was not picked up for a third season so the ending in season two was the series finale. It left off with a few huge plot twists. Many main characters died, one was left in jail, one just found out she was pregnant, and two switched souls with each other. Lets just say that was quite the series finale, and my bet was that the writers believed they were gonna get picked back up by Lifetime, but ended up not. It’s pretty sad, for the show didn’t have the opportunity to truly wrap up and end on a positive note. Quite frankly, it ended on a really sad one!

In the end, this series was fairly good and interconnecting science fiction and romance with some witty discussions and decent plot twists. If you want fluff, but are in for some witchcraft, this is the show for you. All the actors are awesome, especially Julia Ormond. Enjoy it, watch it, and revel in the magic.


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