Grace and Frankie, Netflix

Lets preface this conversation that when I saw Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda back together for a show, I got super excited. I wasn’t so excited to see their husbands in love…but hey, win some and you lose some. Grace and Frankie is a series about two women who are taken to dinner by their husbands for an announcement. Their husbands are lawyers and partners at the same firm. But low and behold, when the women thought that the announcement would be retirement, they got “We’re in love” instead. Shocker!!!

The series is only about 13 or so episodes, at 30 minutes each. The main characters are Grace and Frankie who were married to Sam Waterston (Sol) and Martin Sheen (Robert). Oh the greatness in these four awesome characters. Grace is an uptight woman who used to be the CEO of a skincare line, and was replaced by her daughter. Frankie is a weed-smoking hippie. The two couples have two children each: Grace has two daughters and Frankie has two adopted sons. The family dynamics are incredibly interesting and all the characters and actors are great. The plot is even better.

I guess with the initial premise of the plot, there could be some mediocrity of the plot lines after the initial upset of the two husbands’ affair. Yet, the plot continues in hilarious ways. Grace goes on, Frankie tries to commit suicide with peyote, and the two husbands want to have a family dinner with all the kids and without the wives. Queue drama. And those were just some of the great plots. Props to the writers. And on that note, the only negative I have is that Netflix only had 13 episodes for the first season. Too few!

Overall, the show was great and I really enjoyed watching it. It made me laugh, it made me sad at bits and pieces for the two women cuz their 40 year marriages went down the drain. Otherwise, it was really good and isn’t a huge time commitment. Take a peak and see if you like it!


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