New Haven, CT

Washington, DC has been my home for the past 4.5 years. It was exceptionally rocky since graduate school is, well, rocky. During those years, I have done quite a few of the touristy things in DC. Lets get real though, how many times can one person see the monuments? Alternatively, I have done quite a few more non-touristy things. I would recommend the Kennedy Center for any show (ballet, musical, etc.).

So, DC was great, but I’ve moved on. For how much I loved the city, it has so many bad memories for me, I was happy to leave it far behind. I literally honked and waved as we got on the freeway on the road to New Haven, CT.

New Haven is quite the city. If you don’t know, it’s the home for Yale University. And that’s kind of the only reason to visit. There’s different sections of the university: medical campus, old campus, and science campus to name a few. Most people’s personal favorite is the old campus. Old campus is a few blocks and contains all of the colleges that most (if not all) Yale undergraduates live in. These buildings are old, like centuries old. There is one college, in particular, that the builders cracked windows in the shape of a “Y.” Literally, they cracked Y’s into the windows. My personal favorite is Sterling Memorial Library. The stained glass windows, the huge reading room, the large entryway hall, all are amazing to see.

Other than the university, it’s an interesting New England city. Safety is a large problem. The city does not have the safest track record. I have been told not to walk the streets at night, always take the Yale Shuttle, and don’t walk anywhere but close to campus. These are serious concerns of New Haven downtown. As you travel outside of New Haven downtown there’s quite cute neighborhoods of older houses. Very sweet. Then again, there are pockets of cute neighborhoods that are kind of “icky.”

I will comment that there’s a lovely Sailors and Soldiers Memorial that sits on a bluff overlooking all of New Haven. It’s so high up that, on a clear day, you can see Long Island across the Long Island sound. The view is spectacular! I would highly recommend this sight. New Haven, you better treat me well (especially in the winter)!


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