Grace & Frankie: Season 2 on Netflix

I am not a huge TV comedy fan (excluding the Simpsons). I tend more to enjoy dramas or sci-fi TV series, so it’s a bit of an anomaly that I enjoyed Grace and Frankie so much in its second season. To recap: Grace was married to Robert and Frankie was married to Saul for almost 40 years. Robert was having an affair with Saul and they both divorced their wives, only to leave them as roommates. That was the first season in a nutshell. The second season took this general plot-line to the next level and built upon the relationship between Grace and Frankie.

I enjoyed this season for instead of relying on the relationships that Grace and Frankie had with their former husbands, the show focused more on the pasts of the main female characters. Frankie has no sense of business, yet spends a few episodes discussing the promotion of her all-natural lube. Yes, I just typed lube. Grace, on the other hand, is establishing a new relationship with a former suitor, Phil. Phil has a wife who is suffering from end-stage Alzheimers. Unfortunately, the relationship does not go any where for Grace learns she can’t mess around with a married man, especially when she has met his wife.

My favorite  character in the season was Babe, an old hippy friend of both Grace and Frankie. Babe makes Frankie look like a staunch conservative in comparison. Her return is due to her cancer returning and her refusal to seek treatment. Instead, Babe asks Frankie to assist with her suicide. Babe’s dialogue is very intriguing and absolutely hilarious, and in that she was a great asset to the show. In addition though, her story concerning suicide delved into the matters that older people have to consider as they age. It also established both main female cast members as real people with real feelings, which has increased the legitimacy of the series.

The last episode of season 2 is HILARIOUS! We are left at a quasi-cliffhanger of Grace and Frankie going into business with each other. I will leave the secret of the business to those who watch the show, for it’s a good one! If you are in need of a laugh, and in the mood to forecast what getting older may perhaps hold for you, I would suggest watching the series. Episodes are only 30 minutes so to get through a 13 episode season does not take that much time. Watch it!


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